Maili Felton Garden Design




I like to have one or two meetings on site to discuss and understand the client's needs and desires; their budget and the atmosphere they wish to create. I will then write a summary of this meeting, giving ideas and suggestions.


Depending on the site and scale of the project, a full site survey may be required. From the information gathered and the understanding of the client's ultimate goals, I will produce a scaled concept drawing. After this we should have several meetings to discuss and review the concept design, following which, I can make any necessary amendments.

The Next Stage

Depending on the nature and scale of the project, I can produce detailed planting plans, construction drawings and any necessary tender documents. After any necessary landscaping and preparation, I can order all your plants and trees for you and meet the contractors and oversee both the construction and planting as necessary.


I can offer ongoing maintenance advice and planting plans.